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The Immuno-Fortifying Power of Combination Mushroom and CBD Blends

The Immuno-Fortifying Power of Combination Mushroom and CBD Blends

Functional mushrooms, like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and maitake, grow abundantly here in the Northwest.

Even before legalizing psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic use in 2020, Oregon has been a welcoming state for fungi. It’s a moist, mossy breeding ground for functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and maitake—to name a few that grow abundantly here in the Northwest.

Our misty climate provides an ideal atmosphere for both medicinal and delicate culinary fungi. So it stands to reason that there would be several branded marriages between the two traditional medicines in an area renowned for both its cannabis and its shrooms.

CBD features a host of therapeutic benefits, including relief from chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. On the other hand, many functional mushrooms feature their slate of complementary benefits, such as immunity support, blood sugar regulation, and digestive microbiome balance. When combined to create whole-body wellness supplements, users can get all the therapeutic benefits of cultivated cannabis and forest-floor fungi without even cracking open their third eye.

While many Oregonians anxiously await THC and psychedelic shroom blends to storm dispensary and pharmacy shelves, WW examined several functional mushroom-hemp CBD blends in both capsule and tincture form. The most accessible, contemporary iterations of two of humankind’s oldest Indigenous medicines might not result in a vision quest. Still, they certainly kept us rested, focused, and excited about their modern crossover appeal.

Available in both daytime and nighttime varieties, Caps are vegan, full-spectrum CBD gel capsules loaded with a proprietary blend of functional mushrooms, cannabinoids, and terpenes to support users in either their sleeping or waking hours.

The Caps Bed Head blend combines reishi, maitake, and turkey tail to support immunity, Chaga for digestive health, shiitake for cardiovascular function, and CBN for restful sleep. The Caps Clarity blend features lion’s mane and cordyceps to support brain function and boost energy and CBG for a gentle mood boost. Both mixes are finished with curated terpene blends formulated for mild, sensory entourage effects.

Users report clean, relaxing, mild, and manageable body and head effects for each blend that arrive after an approximate 30-minute activation time. Users that vibrate too deeply for morning coffee or too intensely for sleep aids might find Caps a practical supplement, offering both low-stakes energy and restful sleep.

Good Night by Prismatic Plants

If a sublingual (under the tongue) tincture is more in line with your lifestyle, consider the Good Day and Good Night infused, full-spectrum CBD oils made by boutique brand Prismatic Plants. While Good Day relies on CBDa and adaptogenic herbs to erase anxiety and support overall health, Good Night’s ingredients include CBN (the sleep cannabinoid) and reishi, a mushroom that promotes healthy immune system function.

Both the Good Night and Good Day infused oils offer cannabinoid doses under 25 mg that activate in approximately half an hour. When we auditioned the Good Night blend, we found it an effective sleep aid with no discernible adverse side effects. Thirty minutes after the suggested five drops, a cashmere lethargy arrived that was mild enough to feel more like a sleepy suggestion than a drowsy demand. Sleep came quickly and lasted throughout the night, which frankly feels like a feat for apocalypse parents.

Shrooms by Terra Vita

For a comprehensive daily supplement, Terra Vita’s Shrooms meet pretty specific criteria. Each gelcap contains not only 30 mg of broad-spectrum (THC-free) CBD but also a proprietary blend of adaptogenic maintenance mushrooms—including reishi, cordyceps, and lion’s mane. This essential, balanced blend of fungi and cannabinoids can help fortify immune systems, relieve stress and anxiety, and boost brain function without confusing users with an overthought ingredient list.

Interested parties less versed in cannabis-mushroom culture might appreciate Terra Vita’s straightforward, unpretentious packaging, which looks more suited to an uptown drugstore shelf than a boutique dispensary. Similarly, the gel caps contain only six ingredients, making them approachable for users unfamiliar with cannabis verbiage.

CBD+ Immune Support by Green Earth Medicinals

Another straightforward variation of the mushroom-CBD adaptogenic blend is Green Earth Medicinals’ CBD+ Immune Support capsules. These contain full-spectrum CBD extract, black pepper and ginger terpenes to aid digestion, and a mushroom complex that includes turkey tail, reishi, Chaga, and Poria mushrooms. Reishi, Chaga, and turkey tail all have solid and data-supported reputations for strengthening and improving immune function. Poria reputedly lifts moods and evaporates stress and anxiety, lessening the need for both stimulants and depressants.

In addition to its many therapeutic benefits, CBD also acts as an immune system modulator, supporting a healthy system response. Between the mushroom complex and high-quality CBD, the capsules become something of an immuno-fortifying power supplement, which feels correct for our times at two doses a day.

Stay Good Capsules by Haygood Farms

Haygood Farms’ Stay Good Capsules check off many of the same boxes as the previously mentioned items: They contain full-spectrum hemp CBD and adaptogenic, immune system-supporting mushrooms. However, Haygood’s supplements stand apart as the only blends that feature vitamin C, zinc, and turmeric, ingredients likely familiar to the average wellness supplement aficionado.

Sure, the therapeutic contributions of a whole hemp plant extraction are varied and many. Similarly, the medicinal properties of mushrooms are indisputable. Still, though these organic materials have sterling curative reputations, they are not as universally familiar in the parlance of Western wellness as vitamin C, zinc, and, most recently, turmeric.

The clever inclusion of these ingredients separates Haygood Farms from its shelf mates in a way that appeals to the chillaxed bohemian fungi fan and anyone who hopes to improve their well-being through traditional medicines.

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