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Please Stop Sending Cannabis Vapes In the Mail, Says USPS

Please Stop Sending Cannabis Vapes In the Mail, Says USPS

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has officially banned the mailing of vaping merchandise — and that consists of hashish, as well as federally legal CBD vapes and nicotine.

The agency announced the very last rule on Wednesday to conform with regulation passed the previous 12 months to prevent nicotine vapes from being shipped via the U.S. Mail.

While the regulation bans “digital nicotine delivery structures,” it defines them widely as “any digital tool that, through an aerosolized answer, promises nicotine, flavor, or some other substance to the consumer inhaling from the device.”

“It is going without pronouncing that marijuana, hemp, and their derivatives are substances,” the organization said, as pronounced by using Marijuana Moment. “Hence, to the extent that they may be added to an inhaling person through an aerosolized solution, they and the related shipping structures, parts, components, drinks, and add-ons, in reality, fall inside the [Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act’s] scope.”

There are exceptions: vapes may be shipped in the states of Alaska and Hawaii, validated organizations can mail vapes to every different or government organization, and individuals can deliver up to ten digital nicotine shipping systems for non-industrial use in keeping with 30 days.

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