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Nalu Bio Secures Global Supply Chain to Chemically Synthesize CBD

Nalu Bio Secures Global Supply Chain to Chemically Synthesize CBD

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nalu Bio, Inc., builders of a proprietary chemical synthesis platform that produces ultra-pure, high excellent cannabinoids (CBD), has introduced partnerships with Curia Global and Grace Fine Chemicals, two world magnificence agreement studies, improvement and manufacturing organizations able to scaling chemistry from the bench to business quantities. These partnerships will permit Nalu Bio to improve from studies and development to industrial manufacturing, with supply chain excellence and the manner. In addition, Nalu Bio has signed agreements with Curia Global to broaden cannabinoid derivatives for therapeutic use as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to address unmet scientific desires.

The momentum in the back of CBD’s speedy market boom has been propelled using expanding customer recognition of the fitness benefits of CBD and the technological know-how that continues to illustrate CBD’s therapeutic promise in a developing list of health issues. Nalu Bio has led the manner within the development of a new class of chemistry-based cannabinoids with their scalable, lab-based proprietary synthesis platform that produces an extremely pure, continually performing CBD without the threat of infection from THC heavy metals or insecticides inherent in hemp extraction.

Una Ryan, OBE, Ph.D. Coping with the director of Golden Seeds and former Board Member of Curia Global, with deep know-how within the biopharma area, said, “Nalu Bio has reached an essential milestone of their business scale-up, and I am excited about the price Nalu Bio and Curia will carry to the cannabinoid therapeutics market. This partnership is nicely placed to meet the desires of the growing artificial cannabinoid market and supply potentially life-changing merchandise to sufferers worldwide.”

Matthew Roberts, CTO of Nalu Bio, had this to say about those developments. “Our synthesized CBD is produced in surprisingly scalable reactors, using low-cost, safe, and powerful beginning materials – a procedure that removes the impediment of agricultural-supply infection that is so pervasive in merchandise on cabinets these days. The status quo of a complicated and dependable global deliver chain is a vital element in preparing for a green product launch from Day 1.”

About Nalu Bio

At Nalu Bio, we research from nature and deliver through chemistry. Nalu Bio is growing a new category of cannabinoids and wellness components that provide incredible healing promise for extra robust control of chronic pain and remedy opioid addiction. Nalu Bio’s proprietary chemistry platform promises to set a new enterprise general for purity, consistency, and excellence, as it eliminates the risk of infection from pesticides, heavy metals, and THC inherent in hemp extraction. Our particular, scalable platform can maintain pace with predicted marketplace growth and will reliably deliver excessive excellent and widely-available cannabinoids to worldwide retail and pharmaceutical markets.

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