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Meet The Duo Behind Black Star Liquor Co., A New CBD Drinks Shop In Causeway Bay

Meet The Duo Behind Black Star Liquor Co., A New CBD Drinks Shop In Causeway Bay

Jeff Wong and Chan Sing-leuk are the marketing executives in the back of Black Star Liquor Co, a brand new beverages store in Causeway Bay that specializes in CBD-infused alcohol
n many approaches; Causeway Bay is the ideal place for a shop selling cannabidiol, or CBD, products. The demanding streets and crowded crossings of the brightly lit buying mecca are in deep want of a little rest that could now be observed in a unique new store on Haven Street. Black Star Liquor Co is a dimly lit sanctuary promoting CBD-infused merchandise—especially alcoholic ones—sourced from close to and some distance. While CBD, a legal derivative of the cannabis plant vaunted for its enjoyable houses, isn’t always new to the metropolis, the store’s proprietors, Jeff Wong and Chan Sing-Leuk include a local twist to this buzzy new extract and the numerous products it can be determined inside. How did you two meet?

A New CBD Drinks Shop In Causeway Bay

Chan: We met at the innovative crew at an advertising and marketing company I, nonetheless, paintings. I’m a copywriter, and Jeff is a innovative director.
How has CBD helped you?

Wong: We discovered it approximately a year ago whilst we had been operating honestly lengthy hours and under a whole lot of stress. CBD helped me sleep deeply and awaken, feeling refreshed. It changed into like magic. We wanted to create a business that might assist humans in experiencing comfortable and calm. The concept is for customers to take a day trip for themselves and feature a break.
Why did you pick this vicinity?

Chan: It turned into a surprising decision. Jeff and I usually pointed out promoting handmade objects and having our very own store selling relax merchandise to human beings. The 2nd we saw this shop, we knew we wanted to open it right here. We formally opened in December 2020.

Wong: Besides we save, all the different shops inside the place are very local and unique. We love the network and environment of Haven Street.


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What kind of CBD beverages do you sell?

Chan: Sake, shochu, umeshu, Japanese handcrafted beer, and locally made CBD beer. Our CBD merchandise is sourced worldwide, consisting of some from Oregon and Colorado within the US.
Apart from beverages, what else do you sell?
Wong: I have my very own CBD emblem, Soon, which I sell in our keep, with a few merchandises additionally stocked in [plant retailer] The Plant of Devil in Tai Hang and in [Japan-themed curiosity shop] Bunkaya Zakkaten in Sham Shui Po. My products consist of candles, important oil sprays, lip balms, tea luggage, crucial rollers, vaporizers, gummies, droppers, beers, and kombucha. They are all completely hand-crafted with herbal ingredients. I launched our first hand-made kombucha in January, which comes in 4 flavors: blended berry, mango, pink guava, and grapefruit. Each 250ml bottle has 50mg of CBD in it, which helps lessen tension, improves sleep quality, and promotes calm and rest. I also make hand-poured candles in ceramic containers packaged with hand-sewn red thread for safety, strength, and appropriate luck. We additionally inspire our clients to convey their bins back for discounted refill offerings.
Where is your kombucha made?

Wong: We produce kombucha in a shared kitchen in Tai Hang and sell it in our keep and Bunkaya Zakkaten. Making kombucha is like being a farmer: inside the same way that vegetation is monitored for the proper time to reap, I’m continuously checking on the drink’s fermentation system to make sure it’s ideal.

What are the challenges of launching a CBD brand in Hong Kong?

Wong: CBD has not been in Hong Kong for long, and people have this false impression that it’s far a drug and that they will turn out to be physically and mentally dependent on it. With each customer who comes into the store trying to attempt it for the first time, we try to explain what it is and what our experience has been like with it. Many Hongkongers have high-pressure jobs and negative drowsing conduct. Nearly all of our customers desire that CBD will supply them with better satisfaction with sleep. I would love to be an ambassador for CBD and sell its well-being benefits.

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What talents do you each convey to the commercial enterprise, and why do you work properly together?

Wong: Sing is our sake expert: he loves to tell our clients the story behind every bottle. He’s the shopkeeper and a Chinese copywriter with strong verbal exchange and marketing capabilities. I am greater layout and branding-centered. Starting this concept has leveraged both of our different expertise.
What are your hopes for the destiny of the logo?

Chan: I take suggestion from Bob Marley, who once said, “Some human beings sense the rain; others just get moist.” Our merchandise brings not most effective relaxation but also wonderful flavor at an equal time. I desire Black Star Liquor Co continues selling particular and engaging liquor to the masses.

Wong: We desire people will admire the fact that it’s proudly hand-made in Hong Kong. Our primary goal is to encourage humans to live properly.

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