FOX13 Investigates: THC strains discovered in another fitness complement

FOX13 Investigates: THC strains discovered in another fitness complement

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Users of a popular weight loss tea stated it led them to fail drug exams and lose their jobs.

It’s a story we introduced you to in May.

Now, FOX13 has determined some other complement presented with the aid of Total Life Changes appears to have unhealthy ranges of THC, the active element in marijuana that gets you high.
FOX13′s Valerie Calhoun discovered how a product designed to help you sleep might want to preserve you up at night time demanding about your next drug take a look at.

Tanyetta Garner became horrified while she saw our story on Total Life Changes Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Iaso Tea remaining spring.

“I right away began calling all of my clients and let them understand I’m not promoting anymore,” Garner said. “I’m executed. Watch the information, and you’ll apprehend why.”

Earlier this year, we shared lab checking out the Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Iaso Tea showing “trace quantities” of THC.

Our sister station in Charlotte examined it when humans instructed them they failed drug assessments after using the weight loss tea.

“To lose an activity, your blessings over this product? It’s no longer worth it. To lose weight? (shakes head ) it’s no longer well worth it,” Garner said.

After our story aired, we acquired dozens of emails from humans with similar memories.

“I changed into intended to start LPN college…I was given denied,” stated Kristina.

“My fiance is a truck driver. He had to do a drug take a look at, which came returned fine. He does now not do drugs,” Shelice stated.

“I also failed a drug. Take a look at the ultimate year from ingesting the tea,” Mariah said.

Garner was a distributor for Total Life Changes. She feared other products ought to lead to failed drug exams, in particular the Melody Drops.

The label says it consists of CBD oil, which is prison.

“Is there THC in the CBD? That’s what I want to realize. Because I’ve had customers whine that they take it and that they’ve had complications,” Garner said.

We despatched the drops and three other pieces of merchandise to Avazyme Labs in Durham, North Carolina. The Melody Drops are the most straightforward product testing excellent for lines of THC.

“They do incorporate measurable amounts of THC, in particular delta-9 THC, which is technically a controlled substance,” said Volker Bornemann.

We requested these customers of the products if they may be amazed at the aid of the outcomes of the lab trying out.

“No. Not at all. No. Because of the consequences that like the complications,” Garner stated.

Bornemann said his labs used two strategies to check for traces of drugs. The susceptible testing is designed to locate even trace amounts of THC.

“With our sophisticated technique, we truly found there are 32 parts in keeping with million delta-9 THC, which continues to be an honestly measurable amount could display up if a drug testing laboratory used a comparable sort of method, it would be a high quality hit inside the drug display screen,” Bornemann stated.

The drops are designed to ease tension and promote sleep so that they might be used every day, Bornemann said.

They have higher levels of THC than the tea he tested in advance this yr.

“Yes. It can build up on your machine, and it can be located in urine and blood samples for an extended period,” Bornemann said.

There is a caution at the internet site for Total Life Changes that reads: “We do no longer propose use if you are concerned with drug checking out.”

Is that enough?

Garner said it’s no longer, and they are frustrated her emails to organization leaders had been unnoticed.

We reached out to Total Life Changes.

Craig Cole, director of public relations, told us in an assertion:

“At TLC, we care deeply about our customers and are devoted to their nicely-being. We are in the technique of gaining knowledge of more about the relevant information. However, we aren’t in a role to record greater right now.”

We need to observe; we’ve no longer received reviews of failed drug assessments after using those drops. But there are at least three court cases in opposition to TLC from individuals who say they lost their jobs after failing drug exams after drinking the Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Iaso Tea.

Lawyers instructed us on a case in New York towards Total Life Changes related to the Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Iaso Tea to mediate.

A New Jersey case is expecting a selection on a movement to disregard.

We are also ready to pay attention lower back from legal professionals in every other case.

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