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CBD Oracle Analysis of 520 CBD Companies Finds 90% of Brands Third-Party Test Their Products

CBD Oracle Analysis of 520 CBD Companies Finds 90% of Brands Third-Party Test Their Products

The CBD industry landscape is looking less rocky than original thought.

TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While 84% of Americans are concerned about the CBD industry and its minimal level of regulatory oversight; most CBD products are third-party tested, according to an analysis conducted by industry watchdog CBD Oracle.

The study, which represents 520 CBD companies and 20,000 products in the United States and Europe, also shows a rise in certified-USDA Organic companies, indicating a higher level of self-regulation in an unregulated industry.

“Despite consumer apprehension being a huge problem, our analysis suggests an industry so conscious of its regulatory shortcomings; it’s taking appropriate steps to fix them,” says Alisdair Mans Cornwell, senior editor at CBD Oracle.

Third-party testing indicates a self-regulating industry. Testing evaluates CBD and THC levels and the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. 90% of CBD companies conduct independent, third-party testing on their products and publish all-important Certificates of Analysis (COAs) as proof. Twenty-five companies are also certified USDA Organic, up by 24 since 2019.

“Third-party testing and USDA certifications aren’t required by law. It’s great to see companies taking the initiative to legitimize the industry, instill confidence in consumers, and ensure product safety and transparency despite the clear lack of federal oversight.”

However, celebrity-owned brands and companies selling CBD drinks are the least transparent. Mike Tyson’s Dwiink brand and Ivan Moody’s Moody’s Medicinals fail to provide extraction, hemp source, or third-party testing information. Likewise, most CBD drinks and beverages companies don’t disclose their extraction methods or third-party testing.

“The CBD industry certainly isn’t in the clear yet, but this analysis shows it’s doing way better than most expected,” Alisdair concludes.

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