80-year-old Woman Claims Cannabis Oil Helped ‘Cure’ Her Lung Cancer

80-year-old Woman Claims Cannabis Oil Helped ‘Cure’ Her Lung Cancer

A lung cancer-affected person in her 80s, who rejected conventional treatment and self-medicated with cannabidiol (‘CBD’) oil saw her tumor shrink, stated doctors in a study published within the magazine in BMJ Case Reports. The case suggests they want to explore the use of cannabidiol (‘CBD’) oil as a potential lung cancer treatment. In the paper, docs at the Respiratory Department at Watford General Hospital inside the UK wrote that the female changed into diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in 2018, and her tumor became forty-one mm in length. In addition, the girl became a chain smoker. Also, she had mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), osteoarthritis, and excessive blood pressure, for which she turned into taking various tablets.

But because the tumor confirmed no nearby proof or similarly unfolded, she changed into appropriate for conventional treatment of surgical procedure, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

However, the lady refused to remedy, and shortly after her prognosis, she started using CBD oil — 0. Five ml of the oil, usually three times a day, but sometimes twice -on the advice of a relative in view that August 2018.
Regular CT scans each three-6 months confirmed her tumor regularly shrinking in size from forty-one mm in June 2018 to 10 mm by way of February 2021, equalling a standard seventy-six in keeping with cent reduction in maximum diametre, averaging 2.4 in step with cent a month.

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